2015 | Daffodil Festival

Saturday, March 7, 2015

This weekend was Camden's Annual Daffodil Festival. It's a small festival, usually with vendors from Arkansas and Louisiana. They also have a Steak Cook-Off and Sean is always on a team for work.

The kids and I spent the morning and late afternoon up there walking around and visiting. The weather was uhh-mazing! When we went up at in the afternoon the temperature was about 65 degrees. Big change from the winter weather we got the other day.

Wyatt's absolute favorite part was the fire truck. He would have stayed with the firefighters all day if I'd let him, and if they could handle him. No, but really, they were so nice and enjoyed showing him all the parts of the fire truck. I'm just glad there's a power switch, or he definitely would have had every bell and whistle going with all the buttons he was pushing.
It was so refreshing to finally get some beautiful weather and some much needed outside time. I'm hoping the rest of the week will be just as nice. And just for some giggles, here we are last year at the Daffodil Festival (Stella was in my tummy).