Three Months!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our Dearest Stella,

You are growing and changing everyday. You've started having a lot more awake time this month, although, you still prefer to be held when you're awake. We're working on that. This next month has been, and is going to continue to be, very busy for you. You're so easy going and flexible with your schedule which is so nice because we've been busy. We love you, princess!
What you did this month:
  • You are weighing about 11 pounds. 
  • You are wearing size 3 month clothes. I've put you in a few 3/6M items but they're a little big.
  • You are wearing size 2 Pampers Swaddlers.
  • You nurse every 2-3 hours during the day and 5-6 hours at night.
  • You definitely like your naps, much more than Wyatt ever did.
  • You still sleep in the Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper at night in our room. I'd like to transition you to the  crib but I'm too scared you'll wake Wyatt.
  • You enjoy laying down and looking around when you've been fed and are happy, otherwise, you prefer to be held. 
  • You are so smiley. You smile when I talk in a "peppy" voice to you, so sweet. 
  • You hate tummy time.
  • You can hold your head up when you lay on your tummy.
  • You try and sit up all the time. You're definitely going to have a strong core from all of the "sit-ups" you do.
  • You've started "cooing" a lot more. Your favorite words seem to be "brother" and "daddy".
  • You've started taking a pacifier, which is a lifesaver at night. You like the Avent kind.
  • You made your second trip to NWA this month.
  • We celebrated your first Christmas in NWA. You met a lot of family! 
  • You do really well in the Bjorn carrier. I use it when we go for walks.
  • You and your brother are becoming the best of friends. He's started wanting to be near you, especially when you're laying on the ground.
  • Daddy calls you his "little monster".
  • You've also started letting daddy hold you a lot more, which he and I both love!

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