That One Transition

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Obviously with kids there are so many transitions you go through, not just one. Nursing to formula, bottles to cups, diapers to toilets. The list goes on and on, ya' know. While we were traveling during the holidays, Wyatt decided he was ready for his next transition in life.
When we stayed at my dad's house over the holidays we took our pack n' play for Wyatt to sleep in. Let's just say, he wasn't having it. The first night we put him in it, he screamed. And screamed. And screamed some more. Then, it was quiet. Of course, this was the first time we didn't bring our monitor, so we just assumed he was asleep. ha! A few minutes later we hear the rattling of a door knob. OH, NO HE DIDN'T. Yea, he did. He climbed right out of that thing. OVER. AND OVER. AND OVER AGAIN. At that point we decided it would be best for Sean to sleep with him in the bed and Stella and I would just sleep in the living room. Not the best but it worked.
Nap time on Tuesday, it was the same story. Sean ended up sleeping in a chair with him. Tuesday night...pretty much the worst night we've had since parents. Wyatt went down without a hitch. Didn't climb out, didn't cry. It was great. 2am was a different story. We woke up to the sound of him screaming. We didn't really know what to do since it was the middle of the night and everyone else was asleep, so we just put him in bed with us. Yea, that didn't work. We tried watching a movie. That didn't work. We moved to another room and watched TV. That almost worked, but didn't. Sean tried laying with him, without me. That didn't work. So finally, at about 7 {yes, 7am} I went and laid down with them to calm him down. He finally fell asleep. Ugh...what a night.
We kept thinking,  It'll be better once we're at mom's. She has a crib. He won't climb out of a crib. So, there we were Christmas Eve. Not two minutes in to putting him in the crib, he was out on the floor. Sean ended up spending the week sleeping with Wyatt on a twin mattress, on the floor. Thankfully it worked like a charm. And actually, by the end of the week, Wyatt was sleeping by himself. 
So when we got home we transitioned his crib to a toddler bed. He's done amazing. The first night was the only night he really cried and it only lasted 15 minutes. He occasionally gets out of bed and plays but it never lasts more than about 30 minutes. 
I'm so glad he's done so well. I know some kids struggle with this big change. It was definitely something I used to stress over. Let's just hope he keeps it up once we take the paci away...eventually. 

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