That One Time....Yesterday

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

So, in case you've been hiding under a rock, everyone is sick. Whether it's the flu, a cold, or's going around. So our house has been hit with the cold from hell. Now, I'm not complaining, I'm still praying we don't get the flu.
Before we left for Christmas, Sean had been suffering from a pretty bad cold. Bad enough to actually go to the doctor, and that's saying something. Thankfully he started feeling better before we left. Then while we were traveling Wyatt started showing signs. Runny nose, whiny, etc. And it's lasted now over a week. I think it's about run its course because his cough seems to be getting better, and there's less of it. But, of course, now Stella is stuffy and coughing.
So, I'm a pretty paranoid mama. Especially when it comes to my 2.5 month old being sick. Yesterday I was trying to check her temperature {for the second time of the day}. Y'all, it literally took 4 tries and 4 diapers. UGH... EVERY TIME. Not to mention, Wyatt was trying to climb onto the bed, into the pile of poopy diapers. Thankfully she thought my frantic screaming was quite hysterical.
I'm just glad that through the runny noses and coughing, these two are still happy babes! 

Our Pretty Little Girls

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