Tuesday, January 27, 2015

On Monday, December 28 Sean and I took both kids in for their well checks; Stella's 2 month and Wyatt's 18 month. Everything was great. They both took their shots like champs.

During Stella's exam our doctor had some concerns about a ridge in her skull and mentioned some word, cranio-blah, blah, blah (I didn't put it into my long-term memory). She wanted her to have an x-Ray done and examined by Arkansas Children's. It was probably nothing and just for reassurance. 

Fast forward to Wednesday, January 14 (Mine and Stella's first day home after being in the hospital.). I woke up to a voicemail from our doctor asking me to call her about Stella's X-ray results. I put it aside and figured I'd wait until the kids were napping. Until she texted me asking if I'd heard the message. I called her immediately. 

The next part was basically a blur. Wyatt was screaming for Mickey Mouse. Stella was tired and fussing. All I remember her saying is that we'd need to go to Children's for a CT and to speak with a specialist. Stella has craniosynostosis

Basically craniosynostosis is where one or more of the sutures in the skull prematurely fuse together and harden. Babies skulls are supposed to be in sections to leave room for the brain to grow correctly. When areas get prematurely fused it can cause the head to grow abnormally, and cause other problems.

We had another appointment with our doctor on Friday, January 16th. She set us up with a craniofacial specialist from Children's. We have an appointment with her and a CT scheduled for January 28. Hoping we'll know more at that point.

There are still a lot of unknowns. We're pretty sure she'll be having surgery to "un-fuse" the fragments that are fused together. We're just not sure of a timeline at this point. The surgery is pretty routine for doctors that do this so we're not too worried. It's just something that needs to be fixed.