Christmas #1 {of 5}

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm finally getting back to some blogging. I've been enjoying our time home with Sean before he goes back to work on Monday. I want to do a little re-cap of all of Christmases, just so I'll have it for future reference.
We always start off the Christmas week in NW Arkansas with my dad and family. This year was no different. Wyatt received his first gift of the season, a little hand-me-down from his Uncle Levi. Everyone should have an uncle who's only 8 years older, ha!
 ^^^^Talk about some road rage!^^^^
 ^^^^I don't know who was more excited, daddy or Wyatt!^^^^

 Everyone enjoyed the extra attention from Grandpa, Nana, and aunts & uncles! Aunt Mackenzie is pretty smitten with Stella, and I think the love is definitely returned.
 We always do lunch and Christmas at my grandparents on Christmas Eve. It was so great seeing everyone, since we missed Thanksgiving!

  ^^^^Wyatt enjoying some lunch with his Pa & Grandpa, and apparently he got the plaid memo. Note, that's my coffee...not Wyatt's, ha!^^^^

 ^^^^All the grandkids (and one great grandkid, minus Stella) with Pa & Gramma^^^^

 On to Christmas #2!
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