Stella's 1st Trip to NWA

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Let me just start out by saying we had a wonderful, lazy Thanksgiving! I don't have a single picture because we stayed in our pjs all day, we all took a nap, and ended the night watching The Polar Express. It was a wonderful day spent as a family!

Stella and I had a special event taking place in Fayetteville on Saturday, so Friday morning we hit the road at about 5:45. I knew the trip would be easier the earlier we left, and I was right.  We only had to make one stop during the 4.5 hour trip. I call that a success!
We were in Fayetteville by 11, just in time to hit up Old Navy and Carter's for some great Black Friday deals. We then headed back to the house and got ready for our Thanksgiving dinner with the family, and Stella's debut.
Aunt Tiff arrived first so she got some extra cuddle time. And I got to see Aria, who I hadn't seen since August. Can't wait to watch Stella and Aria grow up together as best buds! My cousins were always my closest friends growing up. 

Stella wore her Uncle Rocks tee just for her Uncle Cody, he's our favorite! It was actually the tee I bought and used to tell him we were pregnant with Wyatt. 
 It was so great seeing the family and sharing our sweet Stella with them. Unfortunately, the Hogs couldn't pull out a W to make the night perfect!
 Saturday Stella and I spent the morning with Mimi and Pop, and getting ready for her Tea. We're so blessed with great friends and family who wanted to honor her with a sip n' see tea party. More on that later.
 Saturday evening Stella and I drove down to Van Buren to visit Grandpa and Nana, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Mackenzie, and Uncle Levi. She also got to meet Pa (her Great Grandfather) and her Great aunt and uncle.
^^^^Grandpa & Nana^^^^
^^^^Nana and Aunt Sarah^^^^
^^^^Aunt Mackenzie^^^^
 ^^^^Aunt Sarah^^^^
Then Sunday we headed home to our boys at about 6:30. Loved getting to show off our little princess to all of our family! And my boys had a great time at home; shopping, biking, and watching movies.
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