Our {VERY MERRY} Weekend

Monday, December 8, 2014

Our weekend consisted of all things Christmas-y, which I love!
Saturday we did something that I've waited a long time to do, visit an actual Christmas tree farm! This is why people have kids, right?? It was so much fun...and tiring. I think Sean and I were done after being there about 30 minutes, but we stayed a good 2 hours. Wyatt loved it!

He ran through the trees, dodging tree stumps. They had some playground equipment set up that he climbed all over. He ran around the petting zoo area. I'm pretty sure his favorite thing, though, was the "tree shaker machine" {I don't know it's technical name}. He literally screamed with excitement while running towards it. He was definitely the entertainment for many people, with all the screaming and running. 

We had made plans, and even dressed, to see Santa but he was a disappointment. I know, I'm a Santa snob. There, I said it. I just can't do the whole 40 year old man with a fake white-as-snow beard. I was spoiled growing up and our mall had a "real" Santa, with a mole and all. Oh, well. We'll get to it at some point.

Oh, and just to prove we were there too! Sissy enjoyed her naptime in the stroller, trotting through fields of trees. That, my friends, was a workout. But I chose that as opposed to chasing Wyatt around the entire farm.
Sunday we continued the Christmas-iness, with lights! Yes, Sean wrapped our two pine trees with lights. He's literally been talking about it for years. And now that Wyatt is excited about lights, well, we will give him lights. And just for reference, that's a 20ft ladder.

So, if the pictures don't speak to you {and you're wondering what the heck he's doing}, why he's sling-shotting a D-cell battery up and over the branches to create a pully-like system for stringing lights...of course. That's what I get for marrying an engineer. 

And there they are, our beautiful trees wrapped in lights. And it was all worth the excitement of hearing Wyatt say, "Oh, wow!"
Can't wait to continue our festiveness this week with decorating the tree and the rest of the house! Did you do anything to prepare for Christmas this weekend?