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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sweet Turtle Soup
Let me just start off by saying that our home is not decorated near as much as usual, but I'm ok with that. Honestly, we really thought Wyatt would be way more into the décor, and he could really care less. When we brought the tree home we were expecting a lot more curiosity, or confusion, or something...but there was none of that. But, here are the things we have done around the house.
 ^^^^Wyatt's Razorback tree^^^^
I almost didn't get any ornaments put on the tree, ha! Luckily I keep all of our family {important} ornaments in the house, so I pulled them out yesterday. And no, there are no presents. For one, I haven't bought any. And two, I'm pretty sure someone will have those suckers unwrapped in .2 seconds. I will add, I love the new room for our tree! I can see it from the kitchen, living room and my bedroom!
 ^^^^Our tree^^^^
^^^^Wyatt's basket of Christmas books^^^^
^^^^Our front yard^^^^
And that covers our Christmas-y home! Hope you enjoyed the tour and thanks for stopping by!
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