A Day in the Life {A Busy School Day}

Monday, December 1, 2014

4:06 Stella wakes up and is ready to eat and get a diaper change. She has a hard time burping so I messed around on my phone until she finally falls asleep. 

5:09 Decide its finally safe enough to put her down. 

5:16-5:52 Seans alarm goes off every 9 minutes. 

5:54 Stella's officially awake and fussing. She starts crying so I try and feed her, not really interested. Continues fussing. I mumble something about a stupid alarm. (Note: 6 is Stella's usual wake time, it wasn't just because of the alarm. )

6:00 My alarm goes off. Thanks, I'm already awake. 

6:03 Sean finally gets out of bed. 

6:09 Ah, and there it is, Stella poops. I change her diaper. 

6:10-6:25 We hang out in bed and visit until she starts fussing because she has the hiccups. Sean leaves for work during this time. 

6:25 Put Stella in her swing and head for the shower. While in the shower I decide we'll be leaving early so I can get some caffeine...it's going to be a long day. Also make a mental note to grab the SD card and put it in the camera, it's feast day at school. 

6:43 Check on Stella, she's in a light sleep. Grab SD card and put it in the camera. Put the camera on the bed so hopefully I won't forget it. Turn on the tv. 

6:48 Continue getting ready. Managed to get completely ready, minus makeup.  

7:26 Get stella up, dressed, and feed her. Wyatt is stirring. 

7:43 Let Angel out. Stella and I go get Wyatt, after grabbing his pants from the dryer. Realize the shirt I wanted him to wear is too small. Change his diaper and put his pants on him. Put his pajama shirt back on. 

7:52 Get Wyatt's breakfast and milk. Real life, we don't always use plates! Turn on Mickey Mouse while he eats. 

7:55 Sit down and feed Stella. Quickly realize we won't be leaving early, if on time at all. 

8:00 Look for Wyatt's missing shoe and remember to get him a shirt out of the dryer. 

8:05 Brush his hair and continue looking for his missing shoe. 

8:08-8:22 Put Wyatt's shirt on him, turn on music for him, continue looking for shoe, and feed Angel. 

8:22 Stella in car. Put Wyatt's socks and (wrong) shoes on. 

8:27 Get Wyatt in the car and leave. I eat my protein bars in the car. 

8:38 Drop Wyatt off at school. He cries when I leave which is unusual these days.
8:44 Stop at the ATM.

8:48 Pick up a drink at Sonic and put my makeup on in the car.

9:08 Back at Wyatt's school to help with the feast. 

10:35 Wyatt's class arrives at the feast. At first he wasn't very interested in the activities but he warmed up after he got some food.

 11:28 Headed home after the feast. I snack on some trail mix from Wyatt's backpack. 

11:44 Turn on Frozen for Wyatt while I feed Stella and change her diaper. 

12:01 Put Stella in her swing while I make Wyatt a waffle and get him some water.

12:17 Pick up Wyatt's room and vacuum part of the house while he's busy eating.

12:26 Change Wyatt's diaper and put him down for nap. He fusses for a minute before lying down. I pick up the rest of the waffle and throw it away. Grab my Sonic drink and trail mix and head to the room, letting Angel in on the way. 

12:29 Put Stella on the bed, turn the TV on to yesterday's episode of Ellen, and finish up some laundry. 

12:48 Feed Stella 

1:03 Lay Stella down for a nap. Finish up laundry and do some ironing. 

1:26 Head to the kitchen and eat a banana chocolate chip muffin and slice up an apple. 

1:33 head back to the room, grab my camera on the way. Stella wakes up so I put her in bed with me. Set up the computer and work on blogging, reading blogs, and Stella's birth announcements. Put TV on HGTV. 

1:45 Stella poops so I change her and go on about my business. 

2:07 Stella poops, yet again, so I change her and feed her again. 

2:14 Mom calls so we chit chat for a bit. Stella falls asleep while we're on the phone. 

2:53 I decide to lie down and try to take a nap before Wyatt wakes up. 

3:36 Wyatt is up. Unfortunately I never got a nap. I lay Stella down and get Wyatt up. I change his diaper and put his pants on him. 

3:41 We play in Wyatt's room until Stella wakes up. 

3:47 And look who's awake (that lasted 6 minutes)!! Put Stella in the swing so she'll sleep for a bit. 

3:51 Resume what's left of Frozen and fix Wyatt some juice and a muffin. Gather the trash and take it out while he's eating.

4:12 Check the mail and then call about a medical bill I received. 

4:20 Load up dishwasher and set out some shrimp to thaw for dinner. 

4:22 Put Wyatt's shoes and coat on him and head outside to play. 

4:48 Come inside to start dinner. Wyatt plays in the living room and does some dancing. 

5:04 Stella wakes up. Change her diaper. 

5:14 Finish up dinner and let it simmer. 

5:28 Fix Wyatt's plate and sit with him while he eats. Feed Stella while he eats. 

5:51 Get Wyatt in the bath and get him ready for bed. 

6:09 Let Wyatt play while I eat. Put Angel out to eat. 

6:16 Sean calls to let us know he's on his way. 

6:23 Give Stella a bath and get her ready for bed. 

6:39 Finally sit down in the couch. Feed Stella and watch some Mickey Mouse with Wyatt. 

7:00 I let Angel in and put Stella down in her rocker. 

7:07 Daddy is home!!! We sit down and visit while he eats. Wyatt entertains us!

7:32 Daddy and Wyatt share some muffins and head to the couch while I clean up the kitchen. 

7:58 Stella wakes up and Sean puts Wyatt to bed. I go change Stella's diaper and then sit down on the couch to feed her. Sean and I watch some mindless TV.  (Stella falls asleep on me at some point.) 

10:40 Put Stella down and head to bed.