Our Weekend

Monday, November 17, 2014

We had a pretty lazy weekend, but hey, we stayed warm. With temperatures barely rising out of the 30s all weekend, it was a good weekend to stay indoors.

Friday the kiddos and I enjoyed lots of playtime inside while daddy was at work.

^^^Wyatt's new favorite thing to do, sit in his toy box.^^^
We started watching a new (to us) TV series this week, The Americans. We're a little obsessed so that's what we spent our evening doing, once the kiddos were in bed.

Saturday morning my sweet hubby let me get a little extra shut-eye. Except I find it very hard to sleep when my boys are giggling and playing so loudly. It makes my heart so happy to hear them together.  Sean also took Wyatt to run some errands so I could get a few chores done around the house.  

Saturday night our beloved Hogs finally pulled out a W against an SEC team!! They broke their 17 straight SEC losing streak, to the #17 ranked LSU team, and the score was 17-0...crazy, right??
We rounded out the night with some more of The Americans and ice cream, of course.
Sunday we continued our lazy weekend. The boys went to Wal-Mart for their weekly trip. When your husbands go to the store, do you feel they buy everything?? I don't know why I send him with a list, ha!
Sunday evening we finally got around to watching a movie that Sean rented on Friday, A Million Ways to Die in the West. It was so funny! Very dry, but funny!
We finished up our weekend with The Walking Dead. Such a good show!
Do you and your hubby have a favorite show, or a show that you're currently binge watching? What were you up to this weekend?