One Month {Postpartum}

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I thought I'd give a little update on how I'm doing postpartum, and as a mama of two. I had intentions of taking some pictures of my progress but that has yet to happen. So, sorry for the picture-less post.
Recovery has been easy as pie, especially compared to my recovery with Wyatt. I didn't have an episiotomy this time so I didn't have that pain to recover from. I was sore for about 2-3 days and then I was completely back to normal. I do still have some really light bleeding but nothing that's too bothersome.
As with my pregnancy with Wyatt, I gained about 40 pounds. When I got pregnant I weighed about 120 and when I checked in at the hospital I was 158. Today I weigh about 135. I'm pretty happy with my progress, considering I haven't done anything besides breastfeeding to drop weight. I am hoping to start working out soon, possibly this week...if I get motivated enough. I'm ready to get rid of this nice "donut" around my mid-section.
I do have stretch marks, which isn't a surprise. Some are old, some are new. I need to start rubbing some Mederma on them, which really helped last time.
My emotions have been all over the place. The first week, honestly, I was great. The second week I was a little more emotional. I was more tired and my boobs hurt so I blame it on that. The third week was definitely the most difficult. I was by myself with two kiddos and I was exhausted. I was pretty much an emotional mess, crying anytime I felt the least bit overwhelmed. Last week (the fourth week) was pretty great. I even managed to make some dinner a few nights. I do find myself getting flustered, for lack of a better word, when Stella is fussy and just wants to use me as a pacifier. Mainly because it ends up really hurting, and I wish she'd just take a pacifier. But, we're still trying the pacifier and hopefully that will help, eventually.
Having Two under Two:
Let me just say, we have good days and bad days. Wyatt has watched way too much TV the past 4 weeks and I'm in the process of changing that. I will say, Wyatt has done 100% better than what I feared. He loves his sister and, for the most part, understands that she takes precedence when it comes to being held, unless he has a real reason for needing to be held.
The hardest part has been Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I have figured out our routine, we are just usually about 5 minutes late to school.
Another "obstacle" we face is getting outside. I know, it sounds so easy, right?? It just seems like every time I finally get Wyatt ready, Stella ends up crying. And she doesn't like to be outside in her rocker/sleeper, so I have to "wear" her, which adds a whole other dimension to getting ready. I have to figure out my timing with that, it's a work in progress. So far the best thing that works is leaving her in her swing and just putting the monitor on her.
Overall, Stella has made the transition pretty easy. She's a pretty easy baby, although can be a tad fussy at times. Thankfully she loves her swing and when all else fails, there's that.
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