Stella's Birth Story {Part II}

Monday, October 20, 2014

Picking up from where I left off of PART I.
We got to the hospital around 4:30 and they got us checked in to a room. Of course, they wanted to make sure that it actually was my water that broke before they completely got us all checked in. So, Sean and I started watching the Razorback game...on our phone. The cable was out when we got there.
At 5:50 we got the green light to stay, that it was in fact my water breaking. Although, they did tell me it was a slow leak and there would be more breakage. At 6:30ish they also started me on Pitocin to get my contractions started. At 7:20 they upped the Pitocin and my contractions were coming every 4 minutes. At 7:40 they upped it again. I was dilated to a 2 and 80% effaced at 8:15, and my contractions were coming every 2 minutes. I started sitting on the birthing ball to try and relax a bit but I was definitely ready for the epidural.
Mom got up to the hospital about 9:20 and she and Sean had fun trying to make me happy during contractions...don't talk to me, don't touch me. They started my epidural at 9:45 since the anesthesiologist was already at the hospital. Almost immediately after getting the epidural my water completely broke, I guess my body relaxed enough.
^^^^Epidurals are great!!^^^^
Everything after that moved really quickly. At 10:20 I was dilated to a 4 and by 10:40 Dr. R said I was dilated to a 9. By 11 I was feeling so much pressure I had mom get the nurse. She checked me and I was a 10. The next 30 minutes were like out of a romantic comedy. The nurses had me do a practice test to make sure we were even close to delivery, and immediately realized we were definitely ready. I think I pushed through two contractions and they had me stop because Dr. R wasn't in the room yet. I literally felt like I was trying to hold Stella in, and I could hear one of the nurses yelling down the hall for Dr. R. And one push later, she was here!
Stella Elizabeth came into the world with bright red hair and a set of lungs. The nurses were laughing and giving us a hard time saying she was definitely acting like a red head. I was a little nervous, wondering if she would scream like that all the time. Oh, and this is also when I realized the SD card wasn't in the camera...grrrrr!
We enjoyed a little time with our little princess, and spent some time with Mimi before Stella was taken to the nursery for a bit. Mom went and got us a bite to eat, and by 2am we were finally in our room for the night.
Next up, Wyatt meets his sissy Stella!
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