Stella's Birth Story {Part 1}

Thursday, October 16, 2014

As I shared, Stella Elizabeth was born on October 11, 2014 at 11:31 pm. If you read Wyatt's birth story {Part I & Part II} then you know it was not the most easy labor. I was also induced with Wyatt, so this time around I still had the question in my head, "How will I know when I'm in labor?"
This story kind of starts on last Thursday, October 9th.  I had a doctors appointment that morning, but before my appointment I started having some pre-labor symptoms (ahem, diarrhea). So, of course, I call my mom and let her know (who doesn't do that??). She immediately starts spazzing out and starts debating whether or not to come down.  So, I go to my appointment and learn that I'm maybe 1.5cm dilated, which was not much change from the week before. While there my doctor and I decide that I should come back on Tuesday and we'd schedule to induce then. He also swept my membranes to try and get things started. That afternoon I experienced some pretty painful contractions and mom decided it would be best if she just went ahead and came down.
Friday, I was completely fine. No contractions, no diarrhea, no nothing. I felt bad that mom had come down and wasted a day off. But I did enjoy some alone time at home.
So, Saturday I woke up completely fine. Other than being in a completely bad mood. I was tired and my list of things to do kept growing.  A little after noon Wyatt went down for his nap and I started vacuuming. I started noticing that when I would bend over and then stand up some liquid would come out down there. It wasn't a lot but it was noticeable enough. So, I immediately went to Sean and pulled him aside and told him. He told me to go lie down and rest and see if anything changed. So, about 1:30pm I went to lay down and took a nap. When I got up at 3:00 I realized the same thing happened when I got out of bed. Figuring it was probably my water breaking, I kind of started freaking out. Sean was outside so I immediately told my mom and we decided that I should call the hospital and let them know my water had broke. I told Sean and we started getting ready to leave. And by getting ready, I mean Sean was drinking a beer and eating chips and cheese dip, ha!
 ^^^^This was my last bump pic before we left for the hospital, 40 weeks, 3 days.^^^^
 ^^^^Our last picture as a family of three!^^^^
We finally headed out the door around 4. Of course, Sean was hungry so we had to make a stop at the gas station for a water, corndog, and cheddar peppers. I was way too nervous to eat, which I totally regretted later when I was starving and eating ice chips.
And that's where I'll leave you for Part I. I'll pick up with our time at the hospital and Stella's arrival!