My Fears about Two

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I know there are so many women and mama's who have been in my shoes, but these are just my thoughts. I know I'll survive and we'll make it, just like everyone else does. My emotions are definitely feeling the effect of Stella's upcoming arrival.
My toes are painted, all the laundry is finished, the house is dusted. So now my time is filled with thinking about what I've been thinking about for months. I would really like for her to just be here, just to be able to put these fears aside.
  • I fear that Wyatt will feel the effects of having a baby in the house. I really don't want him to feel like he's not getting his normal attention, especially from me.
  • I fear that I won't have the energy to do our normal, fun, activities.
  • I fear that he'll have to "grow up" too quick. I just want him to continue to be his precious, baby, self.
  • I fear that I won't be my best for both of them.
  • I fear that I won't have that quality, quiet, bonding time with Stella.
  • I fear those days, which I know are coming, where I can't do it all.
Thoughts for Thursday

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