Monday, October 6, 2014

Linking up with HANNAH over at Joyful Life for this week's currently link-up!
All the chores that I should be trying to accomplish right now...while Wyatt's sleeping. But, I'd really rather sit here and write and watch some HGTV, ha!
  GIGGLES 86!! - CafeMom
like cleaning house, doing laundry, going to bed at a reasonable hour and the list goes on and on!
Currently listening to the background noise of the TV, HGTV, of course. Oh, and the running of the washing machine.  
My third load of laundry for the morning. And I just finished hosing off Wyatt's rug outside...yea, nesting much??
The healthy baby girl that is going to grace us with her presence any day now, and the healthy baby boy who is currently napping. Also, so thankful for my husband who is still working so hard to make our home everything that I could ask for!  
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