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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

like donuts, some farm animals, and the park!
After sending Wyatt to school yesterday, I was quickly reminded of how few mornings we have left with just the two of us. I honestly wasn't planning on doing all of this in one morning, but we had a great time and I'm glad we did!
We started off with a stop at the donut shop, which happens to be right across from the fair grounds.  This was mainly for me, although, Wyatt may have eaten a whole one donut hole, he's not my sweets eater. He carried that same half around the entire time we were there. 
We then made our way to the fair grounds.  And let me just say, we went at the perfect time! No one was there except "animal people" so we just parked in personnel parking and took our good ol' time walking around.  And these were some of the friendliest farm animals. I guess they're just used to being around so many people, I don't know.
 ^^^^Checking out the cows^^^^
 ^^^^And some sheep!^^^^
 ^^^^Had some good conversation with this pig!^^^^

 ^^^^I'm pretty sure this goat would have gone home with us (and I would have gladly taken it)!^^^^
We then headed towards the house, with a stop off at the park. Wyatt finally mastered climbing up and sliding down all on his own, #proudmamamoment!!  We didn't stay too long, since we were both drenched in sweat at this point, but you can tell he definitely enjoyed it!

I'm definitely savoring these moments with just the two of us!!
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