Thursday, September 4, 2014

  Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 35 Weeks (9/1/2014)
Size of Baby: About 18 inches and about 5 pounds.  Right now our baby is the size of a coconut!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +/- 30
Maternity Clothes: For sure!
Movement: All the time.  I'm a little concerned that her days and nights are backwards.  I tend to feel her more at night. It actually kept me up for a while one night. Hoping that changes soon!
Food Cravings: ANYTHING!
Food Aversions: No aversions.
What I Miss: Sleeping on my back. I can't even lay on it for a minute without feeling like I'm dying!
Sleep: Sleep is ok. I've been pretty uncomfortable at night and have had some swelling.
Symptoms: Braxton hicks, exhaustion, and some slight swelling.
Best Moment This Week: Picking Wyatt up from pre-school and hearing he had a better day on Thursday! Also, a good report at the doctor's office.
What I'm Looking Forward to: Some time with family!
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