Summer Fay-cation {3, 4, 5, 6, & 7}

Monday, July 7, 2014

Picking up where I left off on Wednesday.  My newest niece, Aria Lee, was born Wednesday afternoon.  She's the daughter of my step-brother, Justin, and sis-in-law, Tiffany. I was so excited to be there, especially since I wasn't able to be there when Jax was born! I may have been a little teary eyed when I first saw her.
Thursday was pretty uneventful.  Mom, Wyatt, and I went and did a little shopping in the morning and I had some quiet pool time in the afternoon.  Sean finally joined us Thursday evening, we were so happy to see him!

Friday we had a very relaxing 4th.  Jax stayed the night with us Thursday evening so he and Wyatt had some good play time Friday morning.
We, of course, had more pool time...can't you tell Angel loves the pool, ha!

And made a quick trip to visit Sean's sister and mom around dinner time.  We didn't stay too long because someone is not a fan of fireworks. I don't think the fact that he was teething helped either.

When we got back to Mimi's we found Wyatt some earplugs and tried watching a few more fireworks, it didn't help. It's funny to think that last year he slept through them right on the front lawn.
Early Saturday morning we welcomed my newest nephew into the world! My sister, Jessica, delivered Charles Ryan around 1:30am by C-section.  He weighed 10lbs, 6oz! I can't wait to get my hands on him!
Saturday was also Pop's birthday so we spent the day celebrating him with all of our family!

Sunday we headed home, but not before letting Wyatt play around in Pop's jeep.  All of the kiddos are pretty fascinated with it!

We had a great time on our little vacation in Fayetteville! It was so nice to get away and relax a little, but it is always good to be home!
Especially when things like this are happening....