Monday, July 21, 2014

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The fact that there are only 11 weeks, give or take, until our little princess arrives!!  Eeeek!! It's both very exciting and very scary!  We have a lot to get done and a lot to prepare for.
Do blogs count, or children's books?? I should be so much better about reading.  But when I'm not doing something around the house or, of course, taking care of someone in the house, I'm trying to rest. 
Sean bought me the LORDE cd and I'm absolutely loving it.  It's been playing on replay in my car for weeks now.
HGTV is pretty much always on, it drives Sean nuts, ha! The sound of the TV drowns out some of the noise from the construction. And, of course, when that's not on we're watching Mickey Mouse. 
I'm so thankful that our boy is sleeping through the night.  We've made it 4 nights in a row of 11+ hours of sleep at night.  I'm just praying it's permanent and not just a phase.  It's the one thing that I'd like to happen before sissy arrives!
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