Summer Bucket List: Park Discovery

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Chronicles of We
 It's a little tricky around where we live to find new parks since we live in such a rural area.  We have three different ones here in Camden.  One, Timothy Park, we are frequent visitors.  It's even where we had Wyatt's first birthday party! Two, Carnes Park, we've been twice now and it's pretty good.  There are several toys that are just his size. And three, Sandy Beach, it doesn't really offer much for Wyatt.  There's a lot of climbing and such involved.
We visited both Timothy Park and Carnes Park this week! The weather wasn't too hot and there was a breeze almost everyday, so, I'll take it!

^^^^Timothy Park^^^^
Swinging and rocks are the hit of this park! Oh, and the merry-go-round, but I was too nervous to let go of him to take a picture. Ha!

^^^^Carnes Park^^^^
We weren't there very long.  In the first picture, yea, that was right before he hit his face on one of the bars.  The second picture, he cried when I tried to put him on the whale.  And the third picture, yep, that's him walking himself to the car! #parkfail

We did visit a little park when we visited Fayetteville back a couple weeks ago.  He actually loved it and I'm hoping to go back next time we're up there. These are a few pictures from our visit there with Mimi!

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