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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm linking up for the first time today with JESSICA and ALISHA for Momma Moments.
I have experienced, for the first time this week, what I know every momma separation anxiety!  We have left Wyatt multiple times with my mom and a babysitter, whom we adore.  But since I stay at home with him he doesn't leave me very often, or for very long.
Our church is having vacation bible school this week and I'm one of the teachers, so of course Wyatt has to go somewhere.  I've been leaving him in the nursery with wonderful, wonderful ladies! Yesterday was an absolute disaster! I took him in the sanctuary with all of the other kiddos and it got too loud and he immediately started screaming.  So, of course, the rest of the day he just cried.  It didn't make it better that multiple people kept coming to my room telling me that he was just crying off/on the entire day. Thankfully today went much, much better, and I know each day will get easier for him (and me).
^^^^ORANGE DAY^^^^
^^^^RED DAY^^^^
I know this is so good for both of us, but it definitely breaks this mama's heart to know her baby boy is crying.  The plus side, he slept through the night last night (12 hours!) and I'm hoping the trend continues!
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