House Addition {UPDATE}

Monday, June 9, 2014

Well, we made it through the first week of the addition process.  Sadly, today and tomorrow are pretty rainy so I'm not expecting much to get done this week. So far, though, we're still "on schedule" and budget!
Our contractor was here bright and early Thursday with an excavator.  Wyatt was more than thrilled to go outside and see all the work being done!
They got all the dirt dug out for the footings and started putting in rebar.  We only had one hiccup when they hit the internet lines but they had it fixed within an hour.

Friday morning they came in to finish the rebar and pour the first part of the concrete. Sadly we missed the cement truck, hopefully we'll catch it next week.  We did get to see a dump truck full of sand, so that was fun.
Now we have to decide on windows, doors, shingles, and a bathroom vanity!

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