Summer Bucket List: Afternoon of {MESSY} Fun

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Chronicles of We

I have a rather large confession....I do not like to be messy.  That includes sticky, dirty, sweaty, etc.  That being said, I don't want my children to have the same "fears" that I do.  Luckily, I have they're daddy to help in this department.
So, yesterday I got the great idea that I would take Wyatt outside for some messy fun! It included popsicles and finger paints.  Of course, in my head, I envisioned Wyatt totally understanding what to do and being a pro at finger painting...ha!
We started with the popsicle, which he loved! He's had bites of popsicles before but not one of his own to enjoy by himself. 

We then moved on to finger painting! I just splattered some red and blue paint on the paper, with hopes that he would then continue smearing with his fingers.
 ^^^^As you can see, he licked it...mmmmm!^^^^
 ^^^^Smeared it in some fruit puree that he spilled on the grass.^^^^
^^^^And finally decided to use his fingers!^^^^
After that, it was time to get clean, and water the plants!

I'm promising myself that we will have a lot more messy fun soon...just not today.  
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