Sweet Potato

Friday, May 9, 2014

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 18 Weeks (5/5/2014)
Size of Baby: 5.6 inches and about 6.7 ounces.  Right now our baby is the size of a sweet potato!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +/- 10 pounds
Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing pretty much all maternity pants, unless they just happen to have elastic in the waistband.  So far all of my tops are non-maternity, but I feel like I definitely need to go shopping.
Gender: Boy?? We will hopefully find out on Monday!!
Movement: Still pretty minimal.  I'm hoping to start feeling him/her more very soon!
Food Cravings: Nothing really right now.  I'm pretty happy just to eat.
Food Aversions: Still none.
What I Miss: I've kind of missed sleeping on my belly this week.  There were a few nights I couldn't get comfortable and I think that would have helped.
Sleep: Sleeping fine, other than what's mentioned above.
Symptoms: Having trouble catching my breath when walking, it's getting harder to walk and push Wyatt around.
Best Moment This Week: Preparing for Wyatt's party has been fun, and, of course, just spending time with my boy!
What I'm Looking Forward to: Definitely looking forward to Wyatt's party on Saturday!! And all the family that is coming to town.

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