Our Ultrasound

Thursday, May 15, 2014

We finally had our ultrasound on Monday!! I was so excited about finally finding out if Wyatt is getting a baby brother or sister, not that it really matters.  Surprisingly Wyatt did great in the waiting room, thanks to a little girl who he was totally trying to impress. And, thankfully, the ultrasound room is decent size with a couch, so there was plenty of room for him to play around...until he figured out he could open the door, luckily that was towards the end. 
This picture pretty much melts my heart!
 The rest of the appointment (the boring part) Sean and Wyatt spent in the car. 
But enough with my babbling and on to the good stuff!
Wyatt's getting the......
Ok, so we definitely couldn't hold out for as long as we thought.  We were originally going to wait and try to do a gender reveal with our family, like we did with WYATT, but we just couldn't wait that long! ha! And if you follow me on Instagram, then hey, you're lucky, you already knew!
We're, of course, super excited about having a princess in the house! We were definitely a little surprised because we both really thought it would be a boy.  And I can already tell a huge difference in clothing options between boys and girls.  I literally could have spent a fortune when we went and picked up this onesie, but I was good and only bought it...for now.
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