House Addition {UPDATE}

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Not much has changed since the last time I did an UPDATE on the house.  We have another meeting with our contractor this week and they're supposed to get started next week.
Last time I talked about how we're going to have to paint the brick on our house because the brick on our house is no longer made.  We decided on a paint color, for now.  The paint color is Behr's Twig Basket.  It looks more gray in this picture but it's actually a dark tan/brown.
Looking at this picture, it's the third color.  #1 was obviously too light, it was basically the same color as the siding/trim.  #2 is a shade of green.  It was actually my favorite but I had to compromise.  We may use it for the shutters and door. And #4 was too dark.  I'm really trying to avoid making the house too dark.  I want it to have some dimension.  Obviously, the picture really doesn't do the colors their complete justice (I blame the lighting) but you get the idea.
Hopefully the next update you see, there will be some concrete poured!
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