5 on Friday {Random}

Friday, May 16, 2014

Well, it's definitely been a couple of weeks since I've participated in 5 on Friday.  I'm hoping to back in the swing of things and ready to start linking up again!
This week has definitely been a low-key week for us, which is so nice.  We had such a busy weekend with all of our family in town and all the partying that took place.  It's also been rainy here, which to me, makes a perfect lazy week.  Thankfully, though, the sun did come out yesterday and today...I was getting a bit stir crazy.  We headed to the park yesterday and were met with a surprise, which Wyatt loved! 
I never mentioned what I received from my boys for Mother's Day, I've been too busy using it.  Sean bought me a new laptop, yay!! My other one bit the dust a few months ago, I think it was pulled onto the floor one too many times by some little hands (but, in his defense, it was on its last breath anyway).  So, if you've noticed a sudden increase in blogging from me, that's why!
If you're stopping by from the link-up then you may not know that we're expecting our second child in October! We found out the gender on Monday and you can read all about it HERE!
 Since we now know the gender of baby #2, the name game has begun.  I'm pretty sure we've decided on a name, well, the first name at least.  The middle name has come down to two options.  It's definitely a name that we've always loved and talked about, I just really never thought we would use it because it is pretty unique.  BUT, I'm super excited about it! I'm hoping to share what it is with y'all in the next week, or so.
Oh, and if I haven't talked about my pregnancy enough, I'm looking for a maternity swimsuit. The pool opens in TWO weeks and I'm ready...I just need a swimsuit.  So, if you have any suggestions or reviews on any maternity swimsuits, please share! Thanks in advance!

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