First Trimester

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My first trimester was pretty similar to my pregnancy with Wyatt.  I had minimal nausea and was just exhausted.  I was taking at least one nap a day, and the rest of the day I wasn't much use for anything....hence, the lack in blogging.  I started out with an extreme cold, just like with Wyatt. 
I started experiencing round ligament pains pretty early on, mainly when I get up too quickly, which I definitely didn't have with Wyatt, at least not this early.  I have noticed that I haven't gained as much weight this time around. I think it could definitely have something to do with keeping up with a  23 pound little boy everyday. :)
We had our first appointment on April 2nd, I was about 13 weeks.  We were able to hear the heartbeat which definitely eased any fears.  Until that afternoon when I got a call from the nurse telling me I had a bacterial infection (pretty similar to a yeast infection) and, of course, like an idiot I took to Google and freaked myself out.  Well, I'd say more than freaked myself out, I was pretty much a blubbering mess for a few days.  Thankfully I have a mother who has OB/GYN friends and a  patient nurse who takes my phone calls every other day, and so far everything seems to be going along just perfectly.
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