5 on FRIDAY!! {Life Lately}

Friday, April 11, 2014

I'm finally back for a little 5 on Friday!! So much has been going on around here, so what better way to share?!!
I cut my hair...chopped would be a better description!! I had about 10" cut off and it feels amazing!! The best part?? I'm not having to clean the shower drain everyday, HA!
In all of my "free" time (i.e. Wyatt's nap time) I've been working on his big 1st birthday bash! I don't want to give too much away but this is a little glimpse.  Sadly, when all of the work on the house began it kind of crushed my dreams of a backyard bash, but I think it'll be fun at the park.
Since last weekend was spent helping others move and cut trees, I'm hoping this weekend Sean can get some paint samples up on the house. I'm getting so excited to get this house addition started!
I have finally joined the iPhone 5 revolution!  My 5c came in the mail yesterday and I'm loving it! Wyatt really enjoyed chewing on my other phone, and needless to say, he won't be chewing on this one.
Here's a little sneek peek at what our little guy will be wearing for Easter! All courtesy of Old Navy, of course. He's going to look precious!! Although, I am a little biased. 
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