Our Weekend {Daffodils, Steak, & Mimi}

Monday, March 10, 2014

We had a very busy, but fun, weekend! It started on Friday when Mimi came down for a visit.  We always love a visit from our Mimi! Of course, Wyatt was already in bed when she got here so he had to wait until the morning to see her.
Saturday was also the start of the Camden Daffodil Festival.  {Yes, we do actually have daffodils everywhere!}  And Sean was also on a team for the annual steak cook-off. 

Sean had to be up there bright and early to start prepping and cooking.  It's an all day event with all kinds of snacks and appetizers, followed by steaks.  Mom, Wyatt, and I headed up later and did some shopping and eating.  Then we headed to the house for naps.  I went back up later to show some moral support for my chef, while Mimi and Wyatt played.

Since Sean was still cooking, Mom, Wyatt and I went to dinner and Sean met up with us afterwards. By the end of the day we were all beat so we headed home for some restful TV watching.

Sunday came way too early with the awful time change.  I don't know about y'all, but I'm still feeling it today...ugh!  We cooked up some breakfast and then Mom got on the road, BOO!  The rest of the day was pretty lazy, except for a little break for some outside time.  Sean and I watched Catching Fire and Dallas Buyers Club.  Obviously, Dallas Buyers Club was amazing and, well, Catching Fire entertained us for a bit at least.
The rest of this week, I'm convinced, will be spent catching up on rest.  But we do have some great weather for a bit so I'm excited about that, Wyatt will be too! Hope you had a great weekend too!