I Love

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I love how I can say "raise your arms" and you know to raise your arms so I can take your shirt off before your bath.
I love that I walked into the bathroom to find you sitting on your daddy's lap while he was on the toilet, y'all were reading a magazine. 
How you are able to make connections between words that I say and objects. For instance, stir, stir, stir and you go to your mixing bowl. 
I love our middle of the night cuddles. As much as I'd love for you to sleep through the night, I'm going to miss that time together one day. 
I love how much you love your books. 
I love to watch you step out of your pants when undressing before your bath. 
I love how you follow your daddy through the house when he gets home. 
I love watching you try to pour water on your head, your arms just aren't that quite coordinated yet. 
I love how excited you get when you see other kids. It doesn't matter how old, you act like they're your best friend. 
How you bounce your legs up and down when I say "shake your booty". 
I love that you enjoy watching musical scenes out of movies.  You'll know all of the songs in Mary Poppins before long! 
I love when we dance around the living room together. 
I love how you turn and smile at me when I say "Wyatt, look at mama", even though you know I'm about to tell you not to do something. 
I love your uncoordinated clapping. 
That you think Mister is playing with you when he's batting at your hands. When in reality he just doesn't want you touching him. 
I love how much you want to be outside, I just wish it were warmer for you. 
I love that I can make you laugh. There was a time when I was the last person you would laugh for. 
I love that you have an internal clock that automatically know when it's bathtime. 
How you high-five your daddy. 
I love how you were laying on your belly watching Mickey Mouse the other night. You looked so grown up. 

Wyatt, I love so many things about you right now, I want to try and remember as much as I can. This has definitely been the best stage so far of watching you grow.