Favorite Things {6-9 months}

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I recently realized I hadn't shared any of Wyatt's favorite things recently.  This is really the first post where I've actually listed toys.  Up until recently he pretty much just enjoyed teethers and practical baby items.
ONE - Wyatt has always been obsessed with Brown Bear, but it's even better now that he can identify what I'm talking about when I say, "Where's brown bear, Wyatt?"
TWO - He loooves this music player, it goes everywhere with us! It almost seems like he has his favorite songs too.  We'll hear him push the button to skip songs until  he finds the one he likes.
THREE - He would sit and let me read Little Blue Truck all day to him! We also have Little Blue Truck Leads the Way, but he definitely prefers the original.
FOUR - He was just given this musical seahorse at Christmas and it's already a staple in the crib.  It's nice because it only plays for 5 minutes and he can turn it on himself if he wants to.
FIVE - Now that he has learned how to get this farm to make all the noises, he loves it. He will just sit and open/close the doors to hear the songs and sounds.  He also thoroughly enjoys chewing on the animals.
SIX - Again, this poppin' pals toy is a new favorite from Christmas. Wyatt hasn't quite masted making them all "pop" but he definitely enjoys closing them, over and over and over.....
SEVEN - This is one of those toys that I don't think babies are ever too young for.  He loves to just sit and listen to all of the animal sounds and songs.
EIGHT - This is another item that travels with us.  It has quite a few features that he loves.  It's not the best quality but I'm sure for the price it's worth it. 
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