A Day in the Life {January 30, 2014}

Monday, February 3, 2014

I have decided to follow suite of many blogs I read and do a day in the life post. This was our day on January 30th. It was by no means a typical day, but it was a busy great day! And please excuse the poor quality of the phone pictures, it was the easiest way of capturing the day.

8:09 Wake up to Angel sleeping on my leg. Grab my phone and reply to a text from Sean, text a friend about lunch plans, and check Instagram (New follower, HATCH AND MAAS COLLECTIVE). 
8:17 Get out of bed and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. 
8:26 Feed Angel and let her outside, Mister tags along with her. 
8:28 Grab a protein bar and eat. 
8:33 Throw in a load of laundry, fold a few clean towels, and put the rest of the clean clothes in a basket for later. Load and start dishwasher and hand wash a few that won't fit, and wipe down countertops. 
8:50 Hear Wyatt stirring so I go ahead and prepare his bottle. 
**Wyatt is typically awake around 7:30 but he hasn't been sleeping well at night (due to teething) so I let him sleep later. **
8:52 Angel politely barks to let me know it's cold outside and she and Mister want in. 
8:53 Go in to get Wyatt and feed him his bottle
9:13 Change his diaper (TWICE! apparently he wasn't finished) and get him dressed. 
9:24 Put Wyatt's basket of clean clothes away while he plays in his room. 
9:40 Head to the kitchen to makes Wyatt's breakfast while Wyatt shows the cats how to use their new kitty door (ugh...more on that later).
 9:46 We sit down to eat: Waffle, cheese, and Apple yogurt with applesauce mixed in. I eat the other half of the waffle. 
10:03 Wyatt plays while I clean up and then join him in the living room.
10:36 Wyatt goes down for his morning nap.
**Again, I know he's only been awake about 1.5 hours but usually it's been closer to 3.  At least he knows his schedule.**
10:39 I put clothes in the dryer, pick up the living room, and sweep. Then I sit down with my coffee and animal crackers for some blog reading. 
11:20 I jump in the shower and get ready for out outing. 
11:47 Start car and throw together lunch for Wyatt: Cheese toast, remaining yogurt, peas & carrots, and some crackers (I never know what he'll be in the mood for). 
11:56 Get Wyatt up, change his diaper, and put on his coat.
**Our typical errrand time is after his morning nap and lunch.**
 12:03 In the car and headed to a lunch date with friends.
12:49 Quick trip to Hibbett Sports to look at shoes for Wyatt. 
1:08 Head home. 
1:19 Try to feed Wyatt his bottle but he'd rather play and eat crackers. 
2:02 Put in Mary Poppins while he finishes bottle. 
2:28 Put Wyatt down for his nap and I grab the iPad to do some blogging and reading. 
2:41 Wyatt's officially asleep.
3:26 I do some random chores: fold laundry, put away clean dishes, iron some clothes, and start another load of laundry.
4:00 Recieve a group text about getting together for dinner with our families.  Discuss with Sean over text and decide, why not.
4:21 I sit down with my bowl of grapes and watch my daily dose of Ellen.
**On a typical day I would start dinner sometime around 5.**
5:30 Wyatt wakes up so I fix him a bottle and go in and get him.  Sean gets home while I'm feeding him.
5:44 I prepare Wyatt's dinner since we're going out while Sean keeps Wyatt busy.
6:03 We head to dinner.
8:06 We return home and I prepare Wyatt's bottle, get him ready for bed, feed him, and put him to bed.  While I'm doing that, Sean is putting clothes in the dryer.
**A typical night Wyatt would have had a bath at 7 and started eating his bottle about 7:30.**
8:30 I sit my booty down on the couch next to my hubby and we enjoy some amazing trash TV.
9:57 We head to bed.
And that pretty much sums up our day.  Again, not typical at all.  We very rarely eat out during the week, and it never happens twice in the same day!  
What's a day look like in your house?