Is This Week Over Yet??

Friday, January 10, 2014

OH. MY. WORD.  This week has been quite the doozie!! I wasn't planning on taking such a break from blogging but I haven't even been able to complete a thought in about a week.
Monday was Sean's first day back to work in over two weeks, and lets just say I was not ready for that.  I also woke up Monday morning with a stomach virus...bleh! Luckily, I have the best husband, and even though it was his first day back, he took time to bring me necessities from Wal-Mart (i.e. Gatorade, crackers, and soup.....a lot of help they were) and came home early to help with little man.  Thankfully it only really lasted about 12 hours but my tummy has not felt the same since.   

Wyatt also decided over the holidays that he was done with sleeping at night.  Not sure if it's the traveling, separation anxiety, teething, a cold, or what but it's no bueno!  So, on top of my issues, I spent just about every night this week on the couch with him.  Again, thankfully, last night was better so I'm going to pray that the changes we made last night help tonight as well. Have any of you ever had a fabulous napper and a terrible night sleeper?? I'm at a loss.....
Wednesday morning we woke up and Wyatt's eye looked awful (that's putting it nicely).  A definite case of pink eye! Luckily, his doctor is amazing and she called us in a prescription. And by Thursday, I was using it on his left eye as well.
This afternoon we're headed to see Dr. G just to make sure there's nothing else going on.  Wyatt has just not been himself this week.  I think a large part of it is that his little body is trying to fight off the the awful virus I had. Still, I'd much rather be safe than sorry.
I'm hoping that next week is much better! Some nicer weather would be nice too, just so we can get outside, but I'll take what I can get for now.
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