Holiday World Tour {part one}

Monday, December 30, 2013

WOW! I feel like this is the first time in nearly two weeks that I've actually been able to sit down and just breathe.  We've been running and running non-stop and it's so nice to be back at home.  Except for the  laundry part, am I right??
We started our Christmas tour in Van Buren with my dad and his family.  It was really nice getting to stay and visit for a few days.  We've only stayed there one night since Wyatt was born. We had plenty of time for movie watching, eating, and playing!
 We were able to visit with my grandparents (Wyatt's greats!).  I'm so glad they were able to be such a big part of his first Christmas.  They came over and watched Wyatt open presents from my dad and Valorie.
 This was also the first time in over a year (Thanksgiving 2012) that me and my siblings were in the same house!  It's always fun when we get together.
 They like Wyatt just a little!

We had our annual Christmas-Eve Christmas lunch at my grandparents.  It's so fun when we all get together, there's about 30 of us when we're all in attendance!  Wyatt was only mildly overwhelmed, ha!
 Wyatt's pretty crazy about his (second) cousin!
 We had a great time and enjoyed getting to show off our little guy (and his two teeth)!!  The really fun part was trying to play Tetris with Wyatt's gifts and get them all in the car...OH.MY.
Next up: Holiday World Tour {part two}
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