Five on Friday {Christmas Home Tour 2013}

Friday, December 13, 2013

 I'm so excited to share with you how we decorate our home for Christmas!

{1} As you can see, I love silver. I throw in a little red, and BAM....done!  You might notice that we're missing a stocking. Yea, my mom is working on his.  We don't actually spend Christmas in Camden, so it's more for decoration anyway.  His will defintilely be up next year.

{2} I found these adorable printables while stalkling pinterest.  You can find them HERE, plus others.

{3} I keep seeing everyone's adorable idea for the book advent...I think I'll have to do something different.  Being a teacher, I have an abundance of books.  OOH! I could wrap these and save myself money every year, great idea! HA!

{4} This is our decorative tree on our dining room table, again, silver.
{5} And our Christmas tree. I love our tree, nothing fancy.  Most of the ornaments are our family ornaments that we get each year, with a few that people have given us.  I actually took this picture several days ago and now it's littered with exciting!


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