5 on Friday {on Saturday}

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Better late than never, right??  I feel like I've been so busy, I'm just not really sure what I've been doing.  I didn't even realize that yesterday was Friday, and I actually thought today was Sunday.  Good grief! So, I'm just going to do a little catching up today for my 5 on.....Friday.

I got an early Christmas gift this week!!! Sean bought me a new camera, a Nikon D5100. That's been keeping me pretty busy the past few days.  Do you think Wyatt is tired of pictures yet??

The weather is crazy here in Arkansas!! I'm pretty sure people who experience this type of weather (and I mean winter weather) frequently, think we Arkansans are crazy! We've been spending a lot of time playing, and doing this. I promise he's grinning!

I'm happy relieved to say that we are about 95% finished with our Christmas shopping.  For the first time ever, we did a majority of our shopping online.  Sean and I spent a good majority of our time yesterday scouring the internet for the perfect gifts for family and friends!

Christmas decorating is coming along slowly, but surely.  The only thing that's really left is the tree.  Honestly, I'm not really looking forward to all the "fluffing" that's in my future.  I'll be happy when it's done though.

I'm so excited about the pajama party link-up on December 10th, hosted by some of my favorite bloggers, The Good Life Blog, Fancy Ashley, Jenny Collier, Girl in the Red Shoes, and Hello Happiness!  Wyatt has been looking sooo cute in his Christmas pjs and I've been working on taking the perfect pictures!

Hope everyone's enjoying their chilly weekends! 
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