Who Needs a Babysitter??

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sean and I have finally come to the conclusion that, before too long, we're going to have to find a babysitter....someone besides my mom. Up until this point I've pretty much put the blame on Sean for not hiring someone yet.  But as his company Christmas party gets closer and closer, I find myself terrified of leaving Wyatt with someone.  As a teacher, it's like having a substitute in your classroom, only 100x more scary.  I know, I've read just about every article I could find.  Find someone, have them come over to meet & play with Wyatt, and then pick a night for a short babysitting session....all preparing them both for the big night.  
I have an entire list of concerns that run through my head when I think of leaving him.  What if he doesn't take his bottle?  What if he cries the entire time?  What if he doesn't sleep?  What if.....what if......what if???  I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that everything will be fine, it's not like we'll be hours away.  I'm also going to have to relax and lower my expectations for a night.  It'll be just fine if he stays up, rocking in the recliner, while watching TV.....as long as he's happy.

If anyone has any words of wisdom for this stressed out mama, please share!  I'll be working on my babysitter information checklist.

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