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Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm linking up with Neely and Ashley today for Sunday social. So grab the link and join in on the fun!
Sunday Social

1. What is currently on your wish list? I'm really wanting a DSLR camera. I don't need anything too fancy, just something I can take decent pictures of Wyatt with.  If you have any good suggestions on this, please let me know!

2. Share a new iPhone, droid, iPad app that you have recently discovered that we all need. I think the last app I downloaded was KidsDoc.  It's great for first aid and dosage information. 

3. What is a new fall tv show that you have added to your dvr? We haven't added anything new this season.  I don't think we have time for one more show.  I tried to watch the new show with Rebel Wilson (only because I think she's usually hilarious), but I was not impressed.

4. Share your social media links so we can follow you. (Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc) Tell us which is your favorite and why.

5. What is a TV show, movie, or song that you could watch or listen to over and over and never get tired of? 
I love The Lumineers cd. I started listening to it when I was pregnant with Wyatt and he even chills out when I play it. He, of course, also loves my singing.

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