Our weekend

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sami's Shenanigans

Sean worked Friday morning and was off the rest of the weekend. That's very exciting because that hasn't happened in months. Also, it was a rainy afternoon so that meant no golf, yay! So, to kill time, we spent the afternoon in El Dorado and went to TJ Maxx, Home Depot, and of course, Larry's Pizza. We're going to a wedding next weekend (more details on that later....so excited!!) and I had to get a new fall/winter dress. I found a great dress, for a great price! I love how they leave the original tag on clothes at TJ Maxx so you can really see how much you're saving! This dress was originally $118, yea, that would've never happened. 

Dinner at Larry's was a little crazy. We ate with about 100 cheerleaders that were in town for the football game. Can you say loud?? This picture doesn't even do it justice, they were on their way out at this point. 

We ended the night with two movies from redbox, The Internship & The Way Way Back. I enjoyed them both. I must say, I've never seen Steve Carell play such an obnoxious character as he did in TWWB, but I still enjoyed it.


We spent pretty much all day Saturday in our pjs. We enjoyed watching football and just being lazy.  The Hogs almost pulled out a win in OT but no such luck. Maybe next week? Oh, wait....no, probably not. Oh, well, we still love our razorbacks! 

I made Sean's favorite breakfast, BLT's. Most people don't know this, but his mom used to make home one every morning for breakfast before school. Let's just say, I haven't quite lived up to that standard, but I think he's managing just fine. 


Sunday was a random day. We did a little cleaning around the house in the morning. Sean made hash browns and ribs for lunch, odd combination, but I wasn't complaining. The afternoon was absolutely freezing but Candi, so kindly, fulfilled my wishes and captured some family photos of us. They turned out so well. I'm just happy to have some pictures of the three of us! Here's a little peek of our little man. 

We finished up the weekend with, what, more pizza & Walking Dead. 

Now I'm just hoping the roads clear up enough so Mimi can make it down!!