Favorite Things {3-6 months}

Thursday, November 7, 2013

I did a post on mine and Wyatt's FAVORITE THINGS back when he was just over a month old.  Now that he's six months old I wanted to do a little updating on our favorite items thus far, and what gets us through the day. 
1. MAISON CHIC JERSEY BLANKIE - He loves his "Lion".  We knotted his pacifier onto one of the corners on this blankie and it's a must for bedtime.
2. MESH FOOD FEEDER - I use this as a little entertainment before dinner.  For now, I usually just put an ice cube in it and he uses it as a teether.
3. SOPHIE TEETHER - Wyatt loves to chew on Sophie's hooves.
4. SUMMER INFANT BATH - I have really enjoyed this bathtub! Until he started sitting up he was able to lie on the mesh incline.  Now, he can sit up and I don't have to worry about putting him in the big bathtub just yet.
5. TWISTER PACK N' PLAY - We originally bought this for him to sleep in while we traveled.  But, it's turned into a great play area.  We also take it outside so he can get some fresh air.
6. LITTLE TIKES SWING - This has been so fun during the beautiful fall days! 
7. FISHER PRICE BOOSTER SEAT - We love having Wyatt sit at the table with us while we eat.  We also don't have a huge amount of space so this little booster seat works perfectly.
8. BUMBO SEAT - This is so handy for times like, when I need to go to the bathroom.  I can just set him in this in the bathroom with me.  He also likes to sit in it while I wash Angel, he loves to watch.
9.  COMBI ACTIVITY WALKER - We have gotten so many compliments on this little thing & Wyatt loves it.  He's still only good at going in reverse but he'll get it in time.  I have had to start keeping an eye on him because it is the perfect end-table height. 
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