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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our weekend felt a bit jam-packed and too fast for my liking.  But, to say the least, we got a lot accomplished....sort of
Friday we got to spend some much needed time with our friends.  Well, I got to just hang out and chat with Rachel.  Sean and Jacob were busy doing guy stuff.  We enjoyed some delicous dinner.  Rachel made Mexican cornbread, and let me just say, I will definitely be getting that recipe very soon!
Saturday we loaded up bright and early {in the rain...lovely} and headed to Little Rock.  Sean saved up some of his birthday money and bought a big boy tool chest.  YAY, for tools not being all over the place! He then surprised me with a  little car shopping, after, of course, eating at our favorite restaurant...Chick-fil-A! And, OH.MY.WORD!! I don't want to have to talk about it, but the Hogs....really???  OK, sorry, back to the car shopping. Currently I have a Toyota Camry, of which I love.  But, have you ever traveled with a baby...and a dog? Can you say, we need more room? Not  to mention, Christmas is coming, and I can tell you we would not make it home with all of the loot that I see in our future. So, we knew we pretty much wanted to stick with Toyota because, not only are they the safest on the road, but they have 0.0% financing.  So, all of that to say, I GOT A NEW CAR!! I'm so excited! It's a 2013 Highlander...I'm in love. 
Wyatt wasn't so sure about the offer!
I'm really wondering if this makes me an official soccer mom, or if I have to actually have a kid that plays soccer??  I'm totally kidding, y'all, HA!
Sunday was another pretty gloomy day so we just hung out at the house.  I tried to get some chores done...tried
We did give Angel a bath and I took this video...totally makes my heart smile.
And I promise I'm not a mean mama....Angel did get a treat for all of her hard work! 
Hope y'all had wonderful weekends as well!!
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Molly said...

Congrats on the new car! How fun! Wyatt is precious!

Ashley Dorey said...

Thank you...on both accounts! ;)

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Sweet new car! We are a one car family...a second (bigger) one would rock. We've got two dogs and the baby in a normal sized car. Tight fit.

Ashley Dorey said...

Wow! That is tight! I'm sure traveling is always fun! ;)

Jennifer said...

Love your new car!

Ashley Dorey said...

Thanks, Jennifer!