6 months!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Our sweet little man, it's so hard to believe that you have already been with us half of a year. This has probably been one of the most trying months, and the most fun. You were sick for the first time and put on amoxicillin. You are teething and your sleeping patterns have taken a turn for the worse. But, with all of that, you are happier than ever.  You are learning and trying new things everyday.  Your daddy and I agree that this is our favorite stage so far.  We love you more and more everyday, baby boy!

What you did this month:
  • You are wearing size 3 diapers.
  • You are wearing size 6/9 months and some 9/12 months clothes.
  • You weigh 19 pounds and I'm guessing you're around 29" long.
  • You are eating every 2-3 hours during the day. 
  • You are still going to bed around 8 and waking up 1-2 times a night...or more.  We start our days between 7 & 8.
  • You are taking naps at 9:30, (sometimes) 1:30, and sometimes a catnap around 5. 
  • You have tried a few new foods this month, green beans & squash.  You tried banana yogurt but it did not agree with you.
  • You are now sitting up on your own.  I still keep your Boppy around you because you still occasionally fall over. 
  • You are reaching for everything.  I turned around the other day and you had your toy bin pulled towards you, and you were trying to get toys out.
  • You love your animals.  If any animal is near you (or not) you squeal and start babbling.  I think they are who will get you to crawl. 
  • You love to blow "raspberries".  It's usually when I'm trying to get you to sleep...you always know how to make me smile.
  • You love to swing.  We went to the park a few time before we broke down and bought you one for the house.
  • You sat in a highchair & a cart at Wal-Mart for the first time this month.
  • You love when your daddy gets home from work.  You get a cheesy grin and start bouncing with excitement.

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