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Friday, October 11, 2013

Linking up on this fine Friday for 5 on Friday.  Here's a little glimpse as to what's been going on in our neck of the woods.

First off, this weather is CRAZY!!  I'm loving these temps and everyday has been clear and sunny! Wyatt and I ventured out to the park twice this week. I knew he would love swinging so we gave it a shot, and sure enough, he loved it!  A swing is definitely on the list of things to buy this weekend.

Someone has decided to start sleeping on his tummy this week.  I tried to fight it for a few days but I was losing, badly.  He's having to learn how to fall asleep on his own on his tummy.  For now he just cries and I am left to soothe him to sleep. Stubborn guy, I don't know where he gets it.....his dad.

NEW FAVORITE DRINK ALERT!! I have become obsessed with Sonic's peach water! I'm pretty sure I've gone 3 times, just this week, for one.  The best part...they're only 0.30 for a large during happy hour, it's fantastic! 

We're going into the city this weekend! We haven't been out of Camden in about a month so I'm excited to go a little adventure.  If nothing else, we'll at least get to eat at one of our favorite restaurants.

I signed up with Citrus Lane this week and am so looking forward to our first box in November!! Here's a little coupon for those of you who haven't signed up yet.  You will receive $10 off of your first month by clicking this LINK...so, what are you waiting for?? 

**A little side note: We're sitting here watching a movie and a little someone doesn't want to sleep.  A minute ago one of the characters was yelling, quite angrily, and Wyatt started laughing at him.  Gave us a good laugh!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Aria has been a tummy sleeper since she transitioned to the crib (at 5ish months). There was no fighting that one! But, she looks super cute asleep with her tush in the air.

Tawnya Faust said...

Scarlett has slept on her tummy ever since she learned how to roll over. She actually started sleeping better when she learned to roll over onto her tummy, I'm sure he'll be fine :)

Chelsea said...

Have fun this weekend! I just joined Citrus Lane too. Anxious to see how you like it and what we get next month!

M + K said...

Wyatt sounds adorable! And that peach water sounds so good! we'll have to track it down and give it a go


Stephanie said...

Aw Wyatt is the cutest! I can't wait to bring Ella to a park for the first time!

Seriously Kate said...

My Little One slept on his belly early on... He has always preferred that. It's hard to fight them on it, for sure! :)

Ashley Dorey said...

Thanks ladies for the reassurance on my little tummy sleeper!

Ashley Dorey said...

Thank you! I really want to take him down the slide! ;)

Ashley Dorey said...

We had a great day! And I'm so excited about our box. I'm hoping I'll forget so I can be surprised one day!!

Ashley Dorey said...

Thank you! And yea, you definitely won't be dissapointed. ;)