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Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Little Nest

Today is all about meal planning! I'll be honest I'm not much of a meal planner...but I'm gonna' try and be! I was hanging out with one of my girlfriends, Rachel, this weekend and she was showing me all of the meals she has planned for the entire MONTH!  At first I thought, NO WAY was I going to be able to do that!  Then, as I listened to her tell me how it was saving her grocery money, I thought, maybe I can try that.  After all,  I am pret-ty frugal. So I came up with a little calendar that I can write out my meal plans on each month. And I thought y'all may want a copy here it is! I apologize in advance for the PDF not being editable...I'm not reeeeal computer savvy. 

Now...for the EXCITING NEWS!! Remember me telling you that I was hangin' with my friend Rachel??  Well, she has an amazing little business that she runs out of her home and well, she has decided (after me begging and pleading with her...ok, not really) to do a giveaway!! BUT, not just one but THREE!!! I'm so excited and y'all are going to loooove the items!  Eeeeeek, they're so cute!! So make sure you come back on Friday so you can start entering!! 
(Are there enough exclamation marks to make you excited??)

Hope y'all have a great Monday!

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Seriously Kate said...

I'm excited!!!! :) Looking forward to it.


Ashley Dorey said...

Rachel's stuff is so cute!!