5 on Friday

Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy FRIDAY, everyone! Friday, of course, means it's time for 5 on Friday! Today I'm talking all about WYATT'S FIRST BIRTHDAY!! It's never too early to start planning, right??

The inspiration:
OK, so you may remember these pj's that I bought a few weeks ago? Well, they have been the inspiration for my party planning. I love the colors, the airplane theme...everything!  And, it seems like everyone else has had the same ideas too! Definitely makes my job easier.
, Color, hi-res

The cake:
I love this idea for a cake...and the smash cake!


I like the signage more than the actual snacks.  But I do love the "Jet Fuel" labels on the drinks...so cute!


How cute is this invitation??
  Printable Airplane Birthday Invitation Boarding Pass

This game looks so cute! They have paper planes for the kids to put together and decorate.  Then kids can throw them through the hoola-hoops.  Keep 'em busy, am I right!

Of course, I found all of these great ideas from Pinterest! You can see what else I pinned HERE.
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Seriously Kate said...

I LOVE this idea!! The PJs themselves are adorable. I love the cake and signage and the games... I think this is a really cute theme. He'll love it! We did John Deere for little man's 2nd birthday and it was pretty cool. I haven't even considered what we'll do for his 3rd... I'm not an awesome planner when it comes to these kinds of things. :-/


Ashley Dorey said...

Thanks! I'd just try going to Pinterest for some ideas. I feel like all good ideas now come from Pinterest! ;) What did we do without it??