5 on friday {fall edition}

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy FALL Y'ALL!! HA! I just couldn't resist! 
Actually, happy FRIDAY...and 5 on FRIDAY! Today is all about fall!

Fall decorations are almost all up!! I just finished up a few things yesterday and it's got me so excited! 
Notice the silver & black glitter pumpkins on the mantle?? .97 cents at Wal-Mart...I had to have them!

Notice all the children's books??  Well, before becoming a mama I was a first grade teacher....I had to find something to do with all of these fall inspired books! What better way than to decorate with them?  I only hope that one day they might actually inspire our little guy to "read"...rather than just be decorations. :)

I'm about to eat my weight in Candy Corn and Peanuts! No, but really, have you tried these... OMGOSH! Sean won't touch the stuff, so that leaves me to eat the entire bag. ;)

I'm loving this scent...it has literally burned 24/7 in our house since I got it.
Our fall wreath! LOVE!

Well, that's that!  Hope everyone has a great weekend...I'm already looking forward to telling you about ours on Monday! Eeeeeek!! I'm so excited!

Mrs. Bunnie Qualley said...

Love and want that candy corn mix, what a beautiful wreath and I cannot wait to go fall candle shopping!

New follower!!

Found you on the link up :)!


XOXO Bunnie

Seriously Kate said...

Oh how I love candy corn! I'm loving the cooler weather for sure too. So, happy Fall to YOU!

The wreath is beautiful!! I can't wait to get to a pumpkin patch. :)

Happy Saturday!

Ashley Dorey said...

Hopefully our weather will start getting cooler soon...I'm in need of some outside time! :)

Ashley Dorey said...

Thanks for the wreath compliment...and thanks for following! :)

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Oooh love your branch leaf table centerpiece. I have been holding off on putting decorations up until the 22nd. Can't wait. Love the fall.

Ashley Dorey said...

Thank you, it's pretty popular! It's been at every baby shower (including mine) for the past 2 years! I could probably do a post just on that branch. ;)

Hannah said...

Candy corn and peanuts is one of the best things about fall. It is my favorite snack of all time. ...shame it's not too nutritious. I've never seen them old together like that though. So exciting!

Ashley Dorey said...

I had never seen them sold together before either...I had to have it!