Kitchenspiration & the First Day of School

Monday, August 19, 2013

Never The Same Spice Twice

Well, I did it!! I made one of the new recipes I found last week, and I'll probably be making it again this week.  I made the baked Tilapia, changing the recipe just a smidgen.  Rather than covering it, I baked it uncovered for less time.  It was so delicious...Sean wished I had made more.  I served it with brown rice and some left-over grilled green beans.
This week I have found three more recipes to try through Pinterest.  
Creamy Garlic Pasta, courtesy of Keyingredient
I have such a weakness for carbs, especially pasta.  I'm always looking for good Italian recipes because we don't have a single Italian restaurant in Camden.  I like that its also a healthier version to alfredo sine chicken alfredo's my fave!!

Shredded BBQ Chicken, courtesy of NewLeaf Wellness
We love some goooood bbq! I'm actually cooking this recipe as we speak! I love easy crock pot meals and this looks so good...especially with the homemade sauce.  

Baked Ziti, courtesy of Mom's Who Think
Again, another Italian recipe, I know.  This looks great to me and I'm not a huge lasagna lover.  One of my favorite recipes is pizza casserole and this is very similar to it...mmmmmm.
Alright, so those are the recipes for this week! I'm already on a roll considering I'm making one of them already...I'll let you know how it turns out next week. :)


Now onto the first day of school....
Today is the first day in 5 years that I'm not in a school on the first day back.  It's a little bittersweet...I know I'm getting to be at home with my precious baby boy though. I talked to my sweet mama this morning and she let me know that she sent me a first day present (which she's done every year on the first day).  She reminded me that I'm still a teacher...I guess I'm just teaching on a much smaller level. ;)  I was excited to hang out with Candi, J, & E this morning, it was a good distraction for the both of us (since C started Kindergarten today).  I hope all the teachers, students, and mamas are having a wonderful first day!

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The Howards said...

Found your blog through a comment you made on "Life In the Green House" blog. I am a teacher and praying I can stay home with our son soon. I know it will be weird not being in the classroom though. Hope you enjoy your time at home!

Jamie Hart said...

We are having tilapia tonight-- what was the recipe?

Kristen said...

Creamy Garlic Pasta looks soooo yummy!! I love pasta so much but my butt does not! Haha!

Chelsea said...

Love this for a weeknight meal! Thanks for sharing your Kitchenspiration with us!

Ashley Dorey said...

Thank you, I hope it works out for you as well! Also, thanks for stopping by!