5 on Friday

Friday, August 16, 2013

It's Friday!!! That means it's time for Five on Friday with Darci and the girls!

Random fact: Apparently since I've become a mother I can make any everyday task into a song.  I totally understand how Barney survived so long.  Kids are entertained by singing about anything. :)

Baby Wise Update: My baby boy is still waking up from 3:00-4:20. Almost made it last night without having to pick him up and rock. Anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening and what I can do?

How about this weather?? I don't know if your weather is the same as it is here but we've had mornings in the 60s. Perfect walking weather (we actually went 3 times this week)!!

Wyatt and I went up to the school yesterday...it was so bittersweet. Seeing everyone getting ready for Monday pulled at my heart a bit. But then I got to leave and come play with my boy and I was reminded of the great decision I've made. It was great seeing everyone though and Wyatt LOVED all of the attention. 

We had some great play dates this week! My friend Lauren and her daughter, Sam, came over one evening and brought pizza. Had a couple of fun pool days with Candi and the kids. I just have to share this picture of Sam and Wyatt. She was literally holding his head still so she could give him kisses...so sweet. 

Jamie Hart said...

I make songs up all the time.. in fact, sometimes I don't even realize I'm singing when I am. I think it's great, especially if it's a kid's song and it's to your sweetie pie! Have a great weekend!

Hannah said...

I know just what you mean about staying at home with your baby being bittersweet. I'm staying at home with our little guy and had to say good bye to my classroom. While it's sad, it's also really wonderful because I get to stay home and watch and teach my own child! What a blessing that you get to stay home with your little man!

Ashley Dorey said...

Definitely, it's what I have always wanted and we have always planned for. I could not be happier being at home. Thanks for stopping by and checking us out! :)